IOT Developer

Uttar Pradesh
Mar 19, 2020
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Job Title
IOT Developer
Job Type
Full Time
Job Description

Job Description

IOT Developer
Exp: 4-6 yrs

Location: Noida

Job Description:
  • Industry experience of 4-6 years.
  • AWS IoT Core / AWS greengrass / AWS lambdas / AWS freertos / AWS device defender
  • Experience working with Iot hubs/gateways or microcontrollers / micro processor
  • Good knowledge of working with TLS/SSL certificates for device level security and cloud security.Device Security (public/private,AES, RSA, SSL, TLS )
  • Device onboarding / Monitoring / Scalability / management / device drivers / device remote debugging or troubleshooting / device shadowing
  • FOTA ( firmware upgrade over the air )
  • Device Bi directional Communication & data in transit security.
  • Good experiences in working on linux based platforms and python language.
  • Good experience in Networking tools and protocols such as TCP / UDP, MQTT,CoAP, Web sockets, HTTP, AMQP, Bluetooth,Wifi, Offline device capabilities. etc.
  • Good experience in 8 / 16 / 32 bit controllers and processors such as Arduino / Raspberry- pi- 3+/ Node MCU / Intel.
  • Good experience in NXP NFC PCBA, IOT Bud PCBA, Latch PCBA, and CUBIE PCBA in microprocessor boards.
  • Analog Digital sensors and circuits design, PCB layout EMI / EMC knowledge, PCB layout design standards, Bread board / General purpose PCB prototyping testing, Eagle / Portus tools, Schematic design, Final layout etc.
  • Good Hands on experience wireless communication protocols such as 802. 15. 4 (Zig- Bee), 6 Low Pan, BLE (nrf52832), Sub- 1, Wi- Fi,GSM,4G,5G and Wired communication protocols such as CAN, MOD, SPI, I2C and Serial, RS232, RS485.
  • Device integration with backend cloud applications.
  • Event Service bus and queues
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