Kintex-7 Mini-Module Plus

$ 1,295.00
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United States
Kintex-7 Mini-Module Plus - 7K410T Kit

Manufacturer Part #: AES-MMP-7K410T-G

Alternate Part #: AES-MMP-7K410T-G

The Kintex-7 Mini-Module Plus Kit is one of three components needed to create a Mini-Module Plus Development Kit. The kit includes the Mini-Module Plus SOM (based on Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA XC7K410T- 1FFG676 or XC7K325T-1FFG676), and the cables needed to connect to the Mini-Module Baseboard.

Key Features

Kit includes: 

Kintex-7 Mini-Module Plus SOM (AES-MMP-7K325T-SOM-G or AES-MMP-7K410T-SOM-G)
Micro USB Cables
8GB SD Card
Xilinx Vivado Design Edition (device locked to the appropriate device)

Mini-Module Plus Development Kit

The Mini-Module Plus Development Kit is a modular customizable development kit system that is perfect for system architects and embedded designers looking for a flexible, high performance and upgradable platform. The kit is built around the Mini-Module Plus SOM (system-on-module), that is used in the development kit and can then be placed on a user created baseboard, thereby simplifying the user’s baseboard design and reducing the development risk. The SOMs are pin compatible and are available with 4 different Xilinx devices.

The Mini-Module Plus Development Kit consists of 3 components:

Mini-Module Plus Kit (SOM plus cabling)
Mini-Module Plus Baseboard
Mini-Module Plus Power Module

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