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Video Analytics Algorithms

Edge compute brings an additional lever of control in any IoT solution.  It helps reduce latency of event triggered actions as quick analysis happens at the edge. It also helps conserve uplink bandwidth and storage space by passing only relevant data to the cloud. Video surveillance is a domain that gains maximum through edge compute as Video bandwidth is high. Aricent has developed video analytics algorithms such as video summarization, human detection, hard hat & vest detection that can be deployed in edge Gateways to optimize an overall IoT solution.


Our Video Analytics algorithms solutions offer the following value to clients:

  • Core algorithmic building blocks, optimized for accuracy, that could be used to build analytics algorithms to implement use case scenarios in multiple domains such as Industrial, Retail and Consumer.
  • Video analytics is a long lead item in the IoT solution development due to its complexity. Our algorithms help significantly reduce the time-to-market through readily available blocks that help address this long lead item. 
  • Reduced cost of ownership with a single portable solution that could be used across OS platforms and across a wide variety of gateways and devices.
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